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About us

Houseradio is a collective of house music lovers. The houseradio audiostream is nonstop without commercials and scheduled with some liveshows during the week performed by deejays with real passion for housemusic. Houseradio will serve you the oldest, newest and all in between generations of house music. Our aim is to share our passion for the music. We have no intentions to be commercial and like to maintain the underground vibes we love so much. The houseradio stream contains deephouse, techhouse, minimalhouse, classic and more styles of groovy housemusic. Most of the listeners experience the stream as deep house, no problem. Let's say we are mellow house music addicts who are crazy enough to put a lot of time and effort in the radio station just to share our passion. House-radio is very happy and thankful for all donation from our partners and friends! New partners, members and friends are very welcome, do not hesitate to contact us.


We receive 100s of (bulk) e-mails a day with offers of pre-recorded radio shows, track demos, promotion of record labels, applications of DJs, requests for tracktitles, playlists, etc. We only reply to valuable personal addressed e-mails that matches our style of housemusic or making sense to our radio. In case you really expect some feedback you can try to remind us.


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